Common Sense Education Lessons and Resources 2015

The lessons below were specifically chosen for LACOE's Digital Citizenship Week. Please view the videos and materials on the Lesson Resource Page and Lesson Plan prior to using them with students.

To access the selected lessons, please follow the three steps below:
  1. Register for a FREE Common Sense Media Account by clicking here
  2. Select the appropriate grade level below to view the lesson resource page, videos and other curriculum resources available on this page
  3. To access and download the lesson, select the green box titled "PDFs of Lessons" located in the center of the resource page (you will need to be signed in to Common Sense Media). This document includes a script, lesson delivery plan, essential question, and activities.

COMMON SENSE EDUCATION provides teachers and schools with free research-based classroom tools to help students harness technology for learning and life. To access their entire library of resources visit: To download additional lesson plans and videos registration is required.
Grade K-2: Screen Out The MeanGrade K-2: Screen Out The Mean
What can you do when someone is mean to you online?...Read more
Grade 3-5: The Power of WordsGrade 3-5: The Power of Words
What should you do when someone uses mean or scary language on the Internet? ...Read more
Grade 6-8—Cyberbullying: Crossing The LineGrade 6-8—Cyberbullying: Crossing The Line
Which factors intensify cyberbullying and online cruelty, and what can you do to lessen them?...Read more
Grade 9-12: Turn Down The Dial On CyberbullyingGrade 9-12: Turn Down The Dial On Cyberbullying
When does inappropriate online behavior cross the line into cyberbullying, and what can you do about it?...Read more