User Testimonials
  • EPS has been an essential tool that our counselors, administrators, and psychologists use frequently to obtain information about our foster youth.  Specifically, we use it most to determine Educational Rights holders and social workers contact information.  Whenever I have had questions, I have had no problem with accessing technical support.

This tool has assisted our district staff with finding information for foster youth quickly, without having to call around and wait for phone calls to be returned.  This translates into support being delivered to our foster youth quicker.

-Lancaster Elementary School District

  • Sometimes, I find that a student may not come up on a CALPADS report, either because they are new to the system, and or they case has been closed under different reasons/circumstances. EPS has been extremely helpful in providing me with the affirmation that either a case is closed and/or a recent open case. EPS is also helpful in providing me with CSW, SCSW, and attorney information. For me, EPS is an added tool that I use for accuracy.

-West Covina Unified School District

  • The EPS has benefited our district and schools in many ways. We have identified students that have an open foster case that the schools didn't know. We are able to find the Student Foster Client ID that PowerSchool needs to identify them on the CALPADS Program Eligibility Window.

-Los Nietos School District

  • Using EPS has been extremely helpful ... The thing I use it the most for is the documents section for transcripts. I also look at any Special Ed documents/tag as well as CELDT.

Once this year I was able to prove that a student was an  EL I (beginning English Learner) because his most recent CELDT scores were there. He had been mistakenly tagged as an R-FEP (reclassified as fluent) the first day at another school and that followed him! He has only been here two years, so it was great to be able to investigate and change the error.

-Bonita Unified School District