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Technology, Learning and Support Services promotes the effective use of technology to improve teaching, learning, technology leadership, and administration through professional development, digital resources, and regional support in 80 Los Angeles County school districts serving over 1.5 million K-12 students. In addition, TLSS also provides training and support services, including a service desk and personal computing support for various technology initiatives within LACOE administration and school sites.
Topics of Interest
Leading Edge Flex CertificationLeading Edge Flex Certification
The Leading Edge Flex certification program offers educators self-guided professional learning pathways and opportunities to engage anytime and anywhere. Experience online professional learning and earn certification backed by a national alliance of nonprofits, universities and educational agencies....Read more
Current Workshop NewsletterCurrent Workshop Newsletter
Current list of highlighted workshops. For a complete list of available workshops please go to more
ITO Is Now Part of TLSSITO Is Now Part of TLSS
Instructional Technology Outreach is now part of a new division of Technology Services named Technology, Learning and Support Services. ITO continues to be the technology training arm of LACOE to provide a variety of professional development workshops....Read more
Instructional Technology Outreach (ITO) Computer LabsInstructional Technology Outreach (ITO) Computer Labs
Instructional Technology Outreach (ITO) provides three Professional Development Computer (PDC) labs for LACOE-wide trainings and professional development use....Read more