Ami Davis

 Thursday, May 13, 2021

Ami Davis

Ami Davis is the Founder and CEO of The Acadami, a professional development agency operating all of the state of California in various sectors.

Ami specializes in working with and for marginalized populations, particularly “at-risk” and LGBTQ youth. She is a gender and sexuality specialist and SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression) data consultant.

Miss Davis is a highly celebrated; dynamic; engaging; and even comedic presenter with charisma and an openness that makes learning fun and creates a long-lasting impact.

As a self-identified Queer Person of Faith, Ami does not shy away from “hard to discuss” topics in the various intersections experienced by the GSM communities.  Her grace, humor and keen knowledge keep audiences connected and feeling part of an experience by creating an equitable and safe learning environment for ALL folks; she encourages open and honest dialogue and engages with the audience in mutual respect, compassion, patience, and understanding. She combines educational lectures with personal story-telling, human connection and action items to create a truly transformative and immediately helpful training experience.

Ami operates on the belief that we can all work together to Make it Hard to Hate™.

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