Business Services

Put more resources into the classroom with our cost-effective administrative and financial services.


Our Business Services provide a full range of cost-effective administrative and financial services, including fiscal oversight, which helps districts operate more efficiently and put more of their resources where it matters most — into the classroom.
Featured Services
Annual Financial ReportAnnual Financial Report
Annual report details LACOE's financial activities and condition for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2022....Read more
BEST ProjectBEST Project
A multi-year effort to modernize financial and human resource systems for LACOE and more than 125 agencies....Read more
Business Advisory ServicesBusiness Advisory Services
Monitors school district solvency and conducts activities related to district organization, elections and unemployment services....Read more
School Financial ServicesSchool Financial Services
Manages financial, business, and human resource systems and other services for 154 public agencies....Read more