JCS Students Learn Graphic Arts Skills Through Career Technical Education Class

Tue Jan 16 08:57:00 PST 2024

Students used the Procreate software to design t-shirts, exhibition flyers, and holiday themed cards that were presented to the Board of Education members.

Juvenile Court School students are discovering a passion for art and self-expression, while learning valuable skills through the Career Technical Education (CTE) Graphic Arts Program at the Angeles Forest Principal Administrative Unit (PAU) alternative schools.

Two students recently shared their experiences about the program during the Los Angeles County Board of Education meeting.

“Allowing students to express their inner creativity while simultaneously learning how to successfully operate current industry-level technology is what makes the CTE courses so powerful,” said Dr. Debra Duardo, Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools.

Zachary Fua teaches the Graphic Arts Program at Camp Paige and Afflerbaugh. According to Fua, students are quiet or even apprehensive about the class in the beginning, but once they’re able to see themselves create something intriguing, they start to open up to the class more. 

“Art is a universal language. It’s a starting point for a conversation to relate to students. Being able to work with these young men has been an eye opening and humbling experience, it’s something I’m very appreciative for,” said Fua.

In class, students learn how use the Procreate software and they’ve used it to design t-shirts for the JCS Academic Decathlon last year as well as the Road to Success Academy exhibition flyers. They also created the “Peanuts” themed Christmas cards that were presented to the board members.

“I believe it is important to show the JCS students these classes because most of them have never been exposed to the opportunity. Unfortunately, due to many circumstances, our students have never seen the software we use, or aren’t even aware of what it is or what it can do. But through guided practice in class, they can slowly learn and be exposed to the endless possibilities of their creativity,” said Fua.

One student shared with board members that he appreciated the opportunity to take the graphic arts class, saying “If you asked me two to three years ago, what art meant to me, I probably would’ve said I don’t know. But now if you asked me what art means to me, I could give you a book on it.”

LACOE offers a variety of career technical education classes and also credential opportunities for educators. To learn more, visit the CTE page

Students created this holiday card in the graphic arts class and presented it to the Board of Education members.