Palmdale School District's Tumbleweed Elementary Hosts Reading Across the World Day

Mon Mar 11 13:32:00 PDT 2024

Students engage in a reading competition and host guest readers to celebrate Read Across America week.

Palmdale School District ‘s Tumbleweed Elementary School celebrated Read Across America Week through their "Read Across the World" event. The highlight was a Battle of the Books competition, where the school's seven "houses" or teams competed by reading as many books as possible.

This friendly school-wide competition resulted in hundreds of books being read and thousands of pages turned. The Sollevare House, also known as "The Uplifters," emerged as the winners with an impressive tally of over 10,000 pages read. Librarian Kristina Whittington orchestrated the actual event, inviting community figures like the Sheriff, ROTC cadets and former teachers to serve as "Reading Ambassadors," reading to students in both English and Spanish.

Both the battle and the event were not only enjoyable but also succeeded in encouraging students to dive into more books!

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