HRS Security

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Systems Security - Personnel is part of the SFS Security unit in School Financial Services. We provide assistance with establishing and maintaining security access in the following four systems:

• Credentials Operating System (COS)
• Human Resource System (HRS)
• Human Capital Management (HCM) – CGI Advantage System
• Reports and Data (RAD) – HRS Reports*

*Security access to RAD reports and data files are handled by the system that generates them: PeopleSoft or HRS. For PeopleSoft reports, refer to the Systems Security - Financial website under the Helpful Sites section below.

On this website, you will find security request forms, security administrative forms, the contact information of the staff members that can assist you with your security needs, and other helpful links.

Operator Authorization Request Form

Complete and submit this form to get, change, and/or delete access to HRS, RAD, and/or COS. NOTE: When requesting access to the HRS Sick Leave Balance Upload feature in RAD, include, with this request, the completed HRS Sick Leave Balance Authorization form listed below under Other Forms.

Request to Delete Multiple Operators Form

Use this form to delete several security profiles at once from all three systems.

Security Coordinator Authorization Form

Use this form to change the district-designated security coordinator(s) for the systems listed above. Security administrators review and approve/reject all security requests before being processed.

HRS Sick Leave Balance Authorization Form

Complete and submit this form in conjunction with the Operator Authorization Request Form to allow specific users to upload balances to HRS using RAD. For more information, refer to the HRS Additional Services website under Helpful Sites.

EDB Data Download and Labor Data Download Contracts for Third-Party Vendors

To access these features in RAD, send an email to Erwin Labasan at and request the Data Processing Services Contract for Labor Distribution, Fringe Employer Contribution, and Employee Database Information. IMPORTANT: These files are not used to upload to PC Products.


Mark Yeoh, (562) 940-1790

Susie Alamsjah, (562) 401-5512

Tori Guerena, (562) 922-6609

Linda Williams, (562) 922-6535 

Joyce Evangelista, (562) 922-6559

Jy Laurenz Gabiola, (562) 922-6339

Benjie Tamondong, (562) 922-6680