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The LACOE Beginning Teacher Programs offers a variety of credential programs and authorizations for both General Education and Special Education teachers. In collaboration with 40 local public school districts and over 100 charter schools and private schools, LACOE BTP provides a District Intern Program and General Education and Special Education Induction Programs for eligible teacher candidates and classroom teachers seeking full California certification.

We also support teachers by offering the following: Added Autism Authorization, Early Childhood Special Education Authorization, Special Education Bridging, CSET Test Preparation for the Multiple Subject Exam and CBEST Test Preparation.

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​Beginning Teacher Programs
LACOE Education Center West
12830 Columbia Way
Downey, CA 90242

​(562) 803-8469
​Fax: (562) 803-8510

Rami Christophi, Director
(562) 803-8469

Kevin Koga, Coordinator - Induction
Year 1 & ECO Candidates
(562) 922-6557

Amy O'Neal, Coordinator - District Intern
Curriculum Development & PK-3
(562) 940-1617

Sarah Medler, Ed.D., Coordinator - Intern, Induction, Classified Grant
(562) 922-6587

Ashley Ruiz, Coordinator - Induction
(562) 940-1868

Toni Perdomo, Coordinator - Preservice/District Intern
(562) 803-8473

Marisa Caple, Coordinator - Induction
Year 2 Candidates
(562) 803-8393

Nicole Peters, Coordinator - Preservice/District Intern
Instructors & Practicum Supervisors, PK-3
(562) 922-7248