Interdistrict Attendance


California Education Code 48200 provides that a pupil shall attend school in the district in which the parent or legal guardian resides, unless otherwise exempted. A parent whose request for his/her child to attend school outside of the district of residence has been denied may appeal to the Los Angeles County Board of Education. An appeal may be submitted whether the permit request was denied by the district of residence or by the district of desired attendance. Detailed information regarding the interdistrict appeal process can be obtained by viewing the video, reading Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5117, and/or reading the frequently asked questions found below.

If you have any questions or need further assistance preparing the appeal, please call the Division of Student Support Services from 8:00AM to 5:00PM at (562) 922-6233 or email our team at

Interdistrict Appeals Process
Interdistrict Appeal PacketInterdistrict Appeal Packet
Includes application. For more information, please look under Resources....Read more
How to file an Appeal Video (English)How to file an Appeal Video (English)
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Apelaciones de Asistencia InterdistritalApelaciones de Asistencia Interdistrital
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Video de Proceso de Apelacion de Asistencia InterdistristalVideo de Proceso de Apelacion de Asistencia Interdistristal
Video de Proceso de Apelacion de Asistencia Interdistristal...Read more