Business Enhancement System Transformation (BEST)

Mission Statement: The BEST Project will procure, implement, and support an integrated, modern, intuitive financial and human capital management system, which improves the operational efficiencies of educational agencies served by LACOE.


The BEST Project is a necessary system modernization for LACOE and more than 125 agencies, including school districts, community colleges, charter schools, and joint powers authorities. The systems to be replaced in this multi-year project are the PeopleSoft Financial and Human Resource Systems.

One goal of the BEST Project is to have an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning System for budget development, finance, human resources, and payroll. Additional strategic goals include: districts' end-users have immediate online access to data and reports, the system is highly scalable and adaptable to regulatory code changes, and the system is user-friendly and meets end-users' needs.

Business Enhancement System Transformation is a special project supported by LACOE Technology Services (TS).
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