By the Numbers

LACOE is the largest regional education agency in the country. We provide a range of services and programs to support Los Angeles County's 80 school districts. Watch these videos below to learn more about LACOE's roles and responsibilities.  

Ed Buzz LA County: We Are LACOE

What Does a County Office of Education Do?


The Los Angeles County Office of Education, headquartered in Downey, California, functions as a crucial link between local school districts and the California Department of Education. As one of the nation's premier education agencies, LACOE plays an instrumental role in shaping the educational landscape of Los Angeles County.

LACOE is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience for nearly two million students in Los Angeles County, spanning from early education to early adults. Of these nearly two million students, approximately 1.3 million are enrolled in elementary through high schools. LACOE offers a plethora of programs and services designed for teachers, administrators, parents, schools, and the 80 school districts within the county, ensuring that every student has access to quality education.

The Los Angeles County Office of Education is led by the Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools, an executive role appointed by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Supporting the superintendent is the Los Angeles County Board of Education, a seven-member governing board also appointed by the Supervisors.

LACOE offers a diverse array of services to support school districts. These include specialized business and financial services, teacher training, school reform initiatives, school-community partnerships, leadership development programs, and resources for distance learning. Additionally, LACOE provides expert consultation in areas like curriculum development, instructional strategies, and assessment techniques.

LACOE is committed to serving the educational needs of diverse student populations. LACOE provides direct instruction to juvenile justice involved students through juvenile court schools, alternative education for at-promise students who benefit from specialized programs. LACOE also oversees California’s largest early learning Head Start-State Preschool program as well as operates the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and the Los Angeles County International Polytechnic High School.

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