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Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program 

Equitable educational outcomes for youth in foster care in Los Angeles County

What is Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program (FYSCP)? The LACOE FYSCP provides support services for students who experience the traumatic effects of being removed from their home, school instability, and multiple placements in foster care. Our goal is to build capacity and increase multi-sector collaboration amongst child welfare, probation, education, and community agencies to improve educational outcomes for students in foster care. We place Educational Counselors in offices across the county in partnership with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Probation, and Edelman Children’s Court. Program Specialists are assigned cohorts of school districts to establish regional learning networks designed to address challenges and implement solutions to support districts in meeting the needs of students in foster care.


  • FYSCP Request Form
  • Foster Youth Liaisons in LA County
  • Foster Youth Liaisons Surrounding LA County
  • Foster Youth Services Unit Contacts
  • CDE Foster Youth Programs Contact List
  • Update Your Foster Youth Services Liaison Contact List Here
  • AB 740 Suspension & Expulsion Notification Information
  • Homeless & Foster Youth Liaison Meetings
  • FYSCP Webinar Archives
  • California School Directory
  • California Foster Youth Education Resource Hub (CDSS)
  • California Foster Youth FAFSA Challenge (John Burton Advocates)
  • Legislation & Laws
  • Data and Information Sharing
  • Foster Parent Resources (LA County DCFS)
  • Foster Care Websites & Mobile Apps
  • LACOE's FYSCP Counselor Corner
  • A Resource Guide (Assisting Students in Foster Care)
  • Family Urgent Response System (FURS)
  • College Admission Contact
  • EPS Online Reports Financial Aid Glossary
  • Foster Youth Education Toolkit and Court Companion (Alliance for Children's Rights)
  • My Life, My Rights: A Guide for Foster Youth
  • iFoster: Helping Kids In Foster Care
  • Ombudsperson for Youth in STRTPs
  • LACOE's FYSCP Counselor Corner
  • College Admission Contact
  • Foster Youth Rights & Resources
  • OYC caregiver guide


Our Program

Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program (FYSCP) is home to more than 33,000+ youth in foster care and covers 4,084 square miles, making it one of the nation’s largest counties and the largest population of any county in the country. LACOE FYSCP provides an array of supports for schools, districts, child welfare, and others working with students in foster care to improve their educational outcomes. Through professional development training, assisting stakeholders with understanding educational legislation, and sharing best practices, we desire to improve educational outcomes and assist in creating equitable environments for students in foster care.



Our mission is to facilitate collaboration and build capacity in order 

to maximize the educational success of students in foster care.





Increase Cross Systems Collaboration

Building Capacity

Support College/Career Transition

Promote School Stability

Improve Graduation Rates

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