LACOE is at the forefront of driving AI-infused K-12 education, seamlessly incorporating state-of-the-art AI technologies into both classroom instruction and administrative operations. Upholding a steadfast dedication to data privacy and ethical AI practices, we offer invaluable guidance to school districts in LA County, empowering them to responsibly utilize AI. Our goal is to enable schools to leverage the power of AI while ensuring data privacy protection and ethical considerations.

LACOE is proud to release our new guide: "Generative Artificial Intelligence in TK-12 Education Guidelines.” This resource helps school districts harness the power of AI for personalized learning, student engagement and educator support, all while prioritizing responsible technology use.

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This workshop invites educational leaders and teachers to explore the ethical challenges of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education. We will discuss critical issues such as academic honesty, data privacy, algorithmic bias, and the impact of AI on student equity and learning. Participants will develop strategies for ethically implementing AI technologies in educational settings.

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AI to support English Learners

Discover how generative AI can transform the way we support English language learners. This workshop will introduce educators to advanced AI tools that enhance language acquisition, simplify lesson planning, and tailor learning experiences to individual student needs. Participants will explore practical applications of AI in English language teaching, learning how to integrate these technologies to foster greater engagement and improvement in language skills.

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Talking with AI: Prompt Engineering in Education

Learn how to create effective prompts that guide AI models to give precise and useful responses. Get hands-on knowledge on prompt design, fine-tuning parameters, and optimization strategies to optimize the use of AI tools in the classroom, enhancing student engagement and personalizing the learning experience.

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Teaching with and about AI

This workshop is designed for educators looking to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their teaching practices and curricula. Participants will explore effective strategies for utilizing AI tools to enhance classroom learning and student engagement. Additionally, the workshop will cover essential concepts about AI that educators can impart to students, fostering an understanding of AI's capabilities and limitations.

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Ed Buzz LA County: AI in the Classroom

Jose Gonzalez, LACOE’s Chief Technology Officer, talks about some of the concerns of using AI tools like ChatGPT in the classroom, how teachers can integrate AI in educational settings to enhance teaching and learning, and the importance of preparing students for the future by equipping them with AI literacy.

Digital Citizenship Conference

Karla Estrada, Deputy Superintendent of LAUSD, shares her expertise with Liz Graswich on the future of AI in the classroom, Digital Citizenship, and Media Literacy at LACOE's DigCitCon event.

AI Symposium: Dr. Chris Hoang

Dr. Chris Hoang, Assistant Director of Technology Innovation and Outreach at the Los Angeles County Office of Education, shares his expertise on the future of AI and empowering and supporting the education community at LACOE's first AI Symposium.