Supporting Educators and Families in Conversations about Israel and Gaza with Students

Tue Oct 10 10:55:00 PDT 2023

Below are resources on talking to children about the current situation in Israel.

In these challenging times, it is crucial for educators and families to have access to appropriate resources to engage in meaningful discussions with students about the events in Israel and Gaza. 

Los Angeles County is home to students and staff who may be deeply affected by current events as well as previous exposure to the rise in Antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents.  As educators, we aim to create a safe and inclusive environment for all members of our community to learn about current events and process their emotions. 

As is the case with other violence around the world, it is likely that our students have access to unprecedented levels of information and potentially misinformation.  In addition, graphic images and footage of violent conflicts are not easy to process, especially for children and youth. It's even more difficult for those who have experienced trauma or witnessed violence themselves. 

Parents, caregivers and educators are faced with the challenge of explaining violence and war to children. Although difficult, these conversations are extremely important and in the context of human history help us work towards peace. 

Below are resources to help children feel more secure and understand the world in which they live. These resources are intended to provide access to information and educators are encouraged to determine which ones are most appropriate for their students.